Australia! Wah! So Beauty!

Welcome everybody to my new website dedicated solely to my writing. Today seems like as good a day as any to launch it, and this little number fits today’s overarching theme nicely. Australia, with all it’s complexity, implicit genocide and terrible timing is the national mascot of the team of ramblings that run through Dean’s head as he sits on a couch in Hong Kong, pondering what to say next.

I recently did a reading of this short story at short story reading open mic in Thirroul, in the Illawarra in NSW. It was well received and I’m planning on doing an audio version for online as well now, just because well, I wanna. And I think it needs it. And it gives me a chance to speak aloud the Cantonese I have included.

This little story tackles the profound effect a single off-hand comment can have a person’s psyche. and how difficult it can be to decide how to respond to seemingly benign comments that are inadvertently politically charged. I couldn’t choose a better day of the year to release it considering what’s addressed inside and I hope you enjoy reading it yourself, as much as I did reading it aloud in that little warm and welcoming record store slash bookshop in Thirroul.

Welcome to my website. Be provoked and enjoy!

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